Dr. Angela Hardin
Naturopathic Physician

My Approach

My goal is the same with every patient — to hold space for them to feel heard and validated and collaborate together on ways to heal and move forward. I have learned from my patients over the years that a doctor’s office has often felt unsafe to them. Patients deserve a safe space to tell their story. Your safety is a top priority of mine.

Naturopathic Medicine is Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine to me means providing a well-balanced treatment approach that addresses your current symptoms, and helps to prevent disease from occurring in the future. We may dive into topics such as lifestyle, spirituality, stress, beliefs, and emotional health, which you may not have explored with other healthcare practitioners in the past.

Patient-Centered Care

You are an individual with your own uniqueness. The beauty of naturopathic medicine is that there are so many ways to heal, and the treatments we choose can be individualizedĀ  based on your desires, budget, access and what resonates with you.


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